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Crimes Increase as Coronavirus Spreads. Are you covered?

bulgar trying to break into home


As businesses continue to stay closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, unattended stores face robbery of cash registers, tip jars, and inventory. Some recent crimes include a thief smashing through the glass door of a Popeyes Restaurant in Queens, NY.  In another instance, a robber tied up a 62-year-old manager and robbed the restaurant. Other businesses affected include car dealerships, whose cars are stripped right in front of their lots.  In many cases, the robbers will break into one closed business such as a deli, only to break through inner floors to get to more valuable stores such as banks or jewelry stores.


Since everyone is quarantined, the lack of extra sets of eyes throughout our communities is enabling robbers to get away with more crimes. Even more alarming is that crime is also up in residential communities, especially seasonal homes and vacation homes which are impacted by thieves and vandals.


Vacant properties leave homeowners at risk not just for robbery but also for vandalism. Vandalism can include graffiti, or even more extensive damage such as burglars stealing copper plumbing, construction materials, and tools. Vacant properties also pose the risk of squatters which are difficult and costly to remove. In addition, the mayor is releasing criminals from jails to prevent virus spread, thus increasing the opportunity for more crime.

Luckily, these types of risks are covered in residential and commercial property insurance policies under the Theft & Vandalism peril as well as Business interruption in the case of business owners. Coverage can vary depending on policy endorsements and exclusions.

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, appropriate coverage is key to protecting your assets, but even more important is an understanding of the policy. Insurance policy language can be complex. In the example of business interruption, policyholders must be wary of tricky terminologies such as Waiting period, Proof of loss and Unique coverages. You don’t have to navigate the complexity alone. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. is here to guide you with a strategy that is personalized to your needs. We manage all aspects of claims including Inspection, Valuation, Negotiation & Settlement.

In keeping the safety of our team and customers a top priority, we are currently offering Remote Claim Assessment & Claim Management Services. Our approach is very straight forward:  We offer a no-obligation, free policy, and claim review.  NO PRESSURE. NO FALSE HOPE. NO RECOVERY, NO FEE! Contact us today for immediate help!

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