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Follow Us: 1-800-718-5677

Devastating Farmingdale Commercial Factory Fire

exterior view of demolished building from fire damage, locatedin Farmingdale

A large commercial factory in Farmingdale, Long Island, experienced a devastating fire that caused significant damages to the building. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. documented all of the damages to ensure that full compensation was received from the insurance carrier. After extensive claim negotiations with structural engineers, “building consultants” and insurance company staff adjusters, our public adjusting team ensured our commercial property owner received every dollar for their fire damages at their 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse. 

“I had a major fire in a commercial building. If you’ve never been through this before, you don’t know who to trust, who will do the best job for you, and who will be your advocate. The insurance companies brought in the heavy guns due to the size of my claim. Philip took them on and brought to bear all resources necessary to take on the insurance companies to maximize my claim, all while helping me on a personal level to fend off all parties with opposing interests. I highly recommend United Public Adjusters.” – Barry C.

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