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Disastrous Fire At A Yonkers Home

exterior of home located in Yonkers, NY

In the winter of 2015, our client experienced a disastrous fire in her Yonkers, New York home, which left their family feeling isolated and alone as the insurance company was delaying the claims process and still had them in a far away hotel. After the homeowner realized the insurance company was not taking care of her family, a week later, the family hired United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc.

Once retained by the family, we immediately prepared detailed building and contents damage estimates and constantly negotiated to ensure the insurance company paid for all covered damages. In addition, we expedited the family into a temporary home so they would have a sense of normalcy during a chaotic time in their lives.

As you can see by the video and pictures below, the homeowner was able to build their dream home. Recently the family moved backed into their home and we received a Thank you card from the homeowner that stated “Thanks for all your interventions…We pray for your continuous success of your office.”

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