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Horrifying Home Collapse in Maspeth, Queens.

Image of words "Claim Denied" over forms

A family in Maspeth, survived a horrifying collapse in their home that could have been tragic for them and their newborn baby. Yet, they still faced a tough challenge ahead: receiving money for the repairs from the insurance company. The couple invested all their savings into this first home. The family insured the property and paid premiums every month. This catastrophe then put them on the streets when their insurance company refused to pay.

“The whole thing collapsed,” said Mr. Maher. The Maher’s did not worry at the time because they knew their insurance policy covered collapse.

“The insurance adjuster came with the agent and that is when the whole tune changed,” said Mrs. Maher. Six weeks later, after endless phone calls and negotiations, the claim was denied.

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. were recommended to the family shortly after. Seeing the damages to their property and hearing about the mistreatment the family was receiving, United Public Adjusters knew immediately to get involved. United Public Adjusters documented the damages, brought in building experts, negotiated the loss and pushed aggressively from every angle. Ultimately, the insurance company reversed the claim denial and paid for the damages. – Maher Family, Maspeth, Queens


Queens Ledger Coverage Of The Collapse

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