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New York State Coronavirus Updates & Resources

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  • 100% of the nonessential workforce must stay home. This excludes essential services such as pharmacies, grocery stores, food delivery/take-out, and other similar services. (What is specifically defined as essential? Click here.)
  • NY, CT, NJ, and PA will temporarily close all barbershops, nail and hair salons, tattoo shops, and similar personal care services effective as of Saturday, March 21st at 8 pm.
  • New York will implement a 90-day moratorium on evictions for residential and commercial tenants.
  • NYS will waive mortgage payments for 90 days based on financial hardship (with no late fees and no negative impact on credit).
  • With respect to Sales Tax in NYS, the failure to timely remit sales tax will not be subject to interest or penalties. The deadline to pay Federal income taxes has been extended to July 15th.
  • The announcement of Matilda’s Law is intended to protect New Yorkers aged 70+ and those immunocompromised. This law directs the public to remain indoors, pre-screen visitors by taking their temperature, ask visitors to wear masks, and social distance of at least six feet.
  • NYS is “on pause”. Non-essential gatherings of individuals of ANY size for ANY reason are canceled at this time.
  • New York has a critical need for Personal Protection Equipment including gloves, gowns, and masks.
  • NYS needs companies to be creative to supply the crucial gear our healthcare workers need. NY will pay a premium and offer funding.
  • Need Funding? 212-803-3100
  • Have Unused Supplies? 646-522-8477, or email
    to mitigate high call volumes.
  • Public transportation will keep running to get nurses, doctors, law enforcement officers, and other essential personnel where they need to go. Everyone else: Limit the use of public transportation to only when absolutely necessary.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Click here for info on COVID-19 testing, insurance requirements, filing for unemployment, mortgages and banking, utilities, and submissions for price gouging complaints.

Resources For Businesses: Loans & Grants

NYC Employee Retention Grant Program APPLY HERE
Available to New York City businesses with one to four employees that can demonstrate at least a 25% decrease in revenue as a result of COVID-19. Eligible businesses will receive a grant covering up to 40% of their payroll for two months. Businesses can access up to $27,000. Gather the appropriate documents.

NYC Small Business Continuity Fund (Zero-Interest Loans) MORE INFO
Businesses with fewer than 100 employees who are seeing a decrease in revenue of 25% or more will be eligible for zero-interest loans up to $75,000 to help mitigate profit losses.

Federal Small Business Administration Assistance Loans APPLY HERE
As a small business, small agricultural cooperative, small business engaged in aquaculture, or private non-profit organization, you may borrow up to $2 million. Gather the appropriate documents
Choose ‘Economic Injury‘ as the reason for the loan request.
*via Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

Business Interruption Assistance MORE INFO
If your business has suffered business interruption, your property insurance policy may offer coverage. Receive a complimentary policy review to determine if you qualify. Email your policy directly to

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