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Property damage requiring the help of an asbestos abatement specialist is often complex; consuming time and hefty insurance funds. Removing asbestos from a Residential or Commercial Building requires considerable resources to mitigate, including site surveys to identify asbestos-containing materials, soil sampling, reporting, asbestos prioritization plans, asbestos abatement plans, and an asbestos clearance test. Asbestos can easily become a costly job as the material is utilized in a variety of building materials including:

BUILDING EXTERIORS: Window caulking, window glazing, facade expansion joints, lintel caulk, stucco

FLOORING: ACM pavers, Vinyl tile, wood tile mastic

INTERIOR SURFACES: Plaster walls, ceilings, fireproofing materials, soundproofing materials, firestop materials, fire curtains, fire doors, popcorn textured ceilings

MECHANICAL: HVAC equipment, piping, ducting, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, HP steam

ROOFING: Wall tar, lintel tar, spandrel beam waterproofing, canopies, membrane, flashings

Asbestos abatement requires careful attention to detail as the carcinogenic nature of the material poses many risks for both the client and abatement company, if not cleaned up correctly. Between the complexity of the actual job and the time needed to clean up the asbestos-containing materials (ACM) correctly, abatement companies must ensure sufficient funds are available for the task at hand.  In addition, asbestos companies’ risk being at the mercy of an insurance company to quickly attain funds for their customers and execute the proposed scope. That’s where a public adjuster becomes a necessary resource to help the policyholder speed things up and ensure they get every dollar they are entitled to for asbestos testing and abatement!


United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. is an expert in quickly attaining insurance funds for your clients so that you can complete the asbestos abatement project quickly and correctly. We are environmental claims management experts with a skillset specifically curated to substantiate property damage claims in the least possible time. United’s team is comprised of professional negotiators; hired to prepare, submit and manage asbestos property insurance claims. Our expertise in the interpretation of policy language and knowledge within the construction and real estate industry, allows us to quickly build a claim with advocacy for maximum funding needed to suffice proper asbestos abatement jobs. Asbestos and environmental remediation is complex enough, let us handle the insurance headache while you focus on the task at hand.


    United Public Adjusters Brings the Expertise

    What We’ll Bring to Our Partnership

    • Our unique approach to claims gives us an unmatched perspective on each disaster. Our expertise has provided us with the tools for which your clients are searching.
    • We’ll personally work with both you and your client to ensure our values and solutions align with each other’s needs. Having an adjusting expert in the middle of your team will elevate the stress.
    • We’re looking for collaboration. When a disaster is on our hands, teamwork is the only way to pull out of the mess. When you partner with United Public Adjusters, we become a collective team working toward one goal—our client’s satisfaction.

    100 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!

    The Power of Referrals

    You are considered a trusted advisor when your clients are faced with property damage. Recommending a public adjuster not only extends the perception of your customer service but also opens the door for referrals. United is consistently looking for great companies to add to our Rolodex of resources. We welcome the opportunity to build relationships that collectively serve our clients better. The value of a trusted referral; goes a long way for all involved.

    To complete your team of professionals, contact United Public Adjusters today. The experienced public adjusters at UPA will provide expert advice to you and your customers while keeping the best interests top-of-mind.