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Mortgage Broker Referrals In Your Client’s Time of Need

When a client’s business or home has been destroyed, a plethora of responsibilities falls straight into their lap, each one tugging a bit more on their wallet. In these times of need, it’s nearly impossible to juggle necessary repairs on top of their typical mortgage payments. These clients need to know there’s a team of professionals standing behind them through their time of need.

When your team of mortgage brokers partners with our public adjusters, you’ll be backed by a team of well-versed experts as we navigate through the claims process together. Not only will your client be fully equipped to once again regain normalcy after a disaster, but your team will also have a solid support team to mediate any mortgage and loan disputes. When disaster strikes, know that we’re in this together.


    United Public Adjusters Brings the Expertise

    Our public adjusters have an immense amount of experience handling the unthinkable – it’s just what we do. Our attention to detail, respect for clients, and commitment to success keep us at the top of public adjusting teams. For an expert opinion in claims, negotiation, and settlement processes, reach out to United Public Adjusters today. We’re always on your side.

    100 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!

    What We’ll Bring to This Partnership

    • Our unique approach to claims gives us an unmatched perspective on each disaster. Our expertise has provided us with the tools your clients are looking for.
    • We’ll personally work with both you and your client to ensure our values and solutions align with each other’s needs. Having an adjusting expert in the middle of your team will elevate the stress.
    • We’re looking for collaboration. When a disaster is on our hands, teamwork is the only way to pull out of the mess. When you partner with United Public Adjusters, we become a collective team working toward one goal – our client’s satisfaction.
    • United Public Adjusters often works with complex claims that require us to consult the expertise of varying industry experts. We are always looking to expand our knowledge and encourage experts to lend their opinion.

    To complete your team of claim professionals, contact United Public Adjusters today. Our commitment to success will enhance your team, always in favor of the client.