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Historically, Old Brookville has been a haven for high net worth individuals. As part of Long Island’s fabled Gold Coast, numerous stately mansions, most built prior to the introduction of income and property taxes, can still be seen along Northern Boulevard today. This North Shore community is home to quiet wealth, as well as a number of local athletes from the New York Mets baseball, the Islanders hockey, and the Miami Dolphins football teams. The region is also renowned for its natural beauty and tree-lined streets, parks, arboretum, and private homes. Many ordinances ensure that these wooded areas are protected. However, homeowners frequently find themselves facing damage claims after natural elements fell trees creating significant damage to structures, property, and vehicles. To ensure a fair settlement from their insurance company, many residents turn to United Public Adjusters as their public adjusters for Old Brookville, NY.

Damage from trees can be caused by a host of natural elements, such as hurricanes, tornadoes (yes, even on Long Island), high wind gusts, hail, lightning, snow and ice, rain, ice, as well as fire if trees bring down electrical wires. Damage can be minor, or even catastrophic. Whatever services our clients require to return their property and their lives back to normalcy, that is where United Public Adjusters excels. We can locate suitable temporary housing, document and submit your property claim that considers residual damages and if your policy dictates, full-replacement value of personal property as well as structural repairs. Our professionals will negotiate with your insurance company to ensure the highest settlement allowable by your policy. We respect our clients’ time and work to resolve all issues expediently.

Many Old Brookville properties feature exquisite wooded areas. This is an area where treed-properties ensure owner privacy which is highly prized. So when tree damage occurs, there are ordinances that must be followed to protect the beauty of the area as well as the privacy of its residents. As the preferred public adjusters for Old Brookville, NY, United Public Adjusters is well-versed in local requirements regarding trees, and can assist homeowners with valuing their dwelling and personal property damages while seeking payment to bring the structure up to today’s code. We’ve given you several strong reasons to schedule your confidential consultation with our professional team.

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