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For over a century the name, “Upper Brookville” has evoked wealth and grandeur. While topographically the area is at a lower elevation than neighboring Brookville, when incorporated in 1932, its residents insisted on the name to connote its higher station in society. Wealth is still pervasive in the village, where the typical insured amount for personal property is $1,816,200.

The population density is about 550 households, with the majority of property owners residing on several acres. This is literally a lot of ground to cover and in the event of damage to their homes or landscaping, the best asset residents can have at this time are the services of an Upper Brookville Public Adjuster.

While not a government mandate, most banks require homeowner’s insurance as a condition of having a mortgage. Insurance should be a requisite for anyone with sizable assets as it not only provides coverage for damage to a residence’s structure, damage or loss of personal property, and liability coverage. That said, as your Upper Brookville Public Adjuster, the professionals at United Public Adjusters can assess your existing insurance policy and make recommendations. This way, in the event of a property damage claim, you will have adequate coverage against most contingencies. Should you have to submit an insurance claim, United Adjusters will provide invaluable assistance. 

Our team can assess and document the damages, prepare and submit your claim. Statistically, most homeowner-submitted claims receive a far lower settlement offer than claims prepared and submitted by professional public adjusters. United’s services do not end there, however. Should a lower offer be received, we will negotiate with your insurance company so that you will receive the highest settlement that your policy allows. That’s how it should be, which makes partnering with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, a sound business practice. 

Learn how to protect your most valuable assets by scheduling an appointment with United Public Adjusters, your Upper Brookville Public Adjuster, today.


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