Disaster Emergency Response

Complex Commercial & Residential Property Insurance Adjusters

Let UPA Handle Your Borrower’s Property Insurance Claims

Public insurance adjusters such as United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. add a wealth of value to financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, private investors and Real Estate Owned (REO) asset management companies. Financial institutions pride their reputation on premier customer service and are often revered as trusted advisors in the eyes of their customers.  When these clients face real estate troubles affecting their most prized assets such as businesses, commercial buildings, and residential properties, they often turn to financial institutions for guidance. Adding a public adjuster such as United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. to the list of resources, allows financial institutions to expand their customer service.

If a business is closed, it cannot fulfill loan payments. We understand this financial risk and ensure that claims are managed correctly so that insurance recovery funds can be utilized to help rebuild quickly after disasters. A public adjuster is hired by a policyholder to manage the entire claim, including preparing the claim and submitting the claim, while making sure that all of the policies coverage sections are exercised to completely indemnify the entire loss. Our technical knowledge and expertise in construction as well as expert negotiation skills and policy language interpretation lend itself to quick results and substantiated claims.  


United Public Adjusters Brings the Expertise

What We’ll Bring to Our Partnership

  • Our unique approach to claims gives us an unmatched perspective on each disaster. Our expertise has provided us with the tools for which your clients are searching.
  • We’ll personally work with both you and your client to ensure our values and solutions align with each other’s needs. Having an adjusting expert in the middle of your team will elevate the stress.
  • We’re looking for collaboration. When a disaster is on our hands, teamwork is the only way to pull out of the mess. When you partner with United Public Adjusters, we become a collective team working toward one goal—our client’s satisfaction.

You are considered a trusted advisor when your clients are faced with property damage. Recommending a public adjuster not only extends the perception of your customer service but also opens the door for referrals. United is consistently looking for great companies to add to our Rolodex of resources. We welcome the opportunity to build relationships that collectively serve our clients better. The value of a trusted referral; goes a long way for all involved.

To complete your team of professionals, contact United Public Adjusters today. The experienced public adjusters at UPA will provide expert advice to you and your customers while keeping the best interests top-of-mind.

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