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Friends of Karen Grand Prix Gala Event

Our Community Commitment

At United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc., we understand that the real foundation of our success lies not just in our expertise but in the hearts of the communities we’re privileged to serve. It’s our unwavering belief that businesses should do more than offer services—they should be pillars of support, kindness, and compassion within their communities. That’s why we’re deeply committed to not just being a part of the community but actively contributing to its well-being and growth.

Recently, our team had the profound honor of participating in the Friends of Karen Grand Prix Gala, an extraordinary event dedicated to supporting families facing the daunting challenges of pediatric cancer. This event is a cornerstone of our community engagement, embodying our belief that we can make a significant difference through collective action.

Our involvement in the gala went beyond attendance; UPA proudly sponsored and donated over $10,000 to the cause. The evening was highlighted by an emotional testimonial from a family whose lives were transformed by Friends of Karen, particularly through their sibling support program. This moment was not only touching but also a powerful reminder of the impact we can have when we come together to support one another. Discover more about the sibling support program on the Friends of Karen website.

We’ve heard time and again from our clients that our commitment to genuine care and community support is a key reason they’ve chosen to work with us. This feedback strengthens our dedication to making a difference, not just in the properties we help restore but also in the lives we touch.

Join us in making a difference. When you work with United Public Adjusters, you’re choosing to support a company that believes in giving back, elevating communities, and helping families thrive through the toughest of times. Together, we can create a ripple effect of care and compassion that benefits everyone.


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