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Public Adjusters for Co-Op and Condo Property Management Companies

The roles of residential property managers as well as property management companies are complex. Overseeing cooperative and condominium communities requires a skill set that encompasses challenges such as tenant retention, unexpected maintenance, addressing issues as soon as they appear, project costs, staffing, and ever-changing regulations, among a host of others. When communal property damage occurs, such as to a roof, walkways, grounds, the heating system, etc., submitting an effective insurance claim to their carrier may be outside their wheelhouse. Co-op insurance claims, in particular, require a dedicated skillset to prepare, as it must be made clear to their carriers the differences between this type of community versus traditional rentals in an apartment building. This is where, for co-op as well as for condo insurance claims, to ensure an optimal outcome, property management firms should turn to United Public Adjusters & Appraisers for our professional public adjuster services. 

There are numerous benefits to having United Public Adjusters & Appraisers assist your company in preparing and submitting condo as well as co-op insurance claims. Simply put, the difference in results. In the past, you or your firm may have hastily prepared a property damage insurance claim, only to be shocked by the low settlement offer you received, which would not begin to cover the estimated repairs/replacement costs. Instead, allow our team to document your damages/asset losses and oversee the preparation and submission of your co-op or condo insurance claim. Next, as needed, our team will negotiate on your behalf with your carrier to bring about the highest settlement possible under your plan. It is a well-documented fact that both condo and co-op insurance claims that are submitted and overseen by public adjusters receive exponentially higher settlements within a shorter time frame than those submitted by the claimants themselves.  

As your public adjuster, you can depend on United’s team to have your back, not your carrier’s. Our professionals have experience in construction estimation and property valuation, and are resourceful; we consider potential, hidden damage as well. This means that the condo or co-op insurance claim will more accurately detail the extent of the damage/losses so that the settlement will cover the true cost of repair, renovation, or replacement as needed. Property Management carries great responsibility and many challenges, but accurate and effective co-op and condo insurance claim preparation does not have to be one of them. Instead, partner with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers as a trusted ally who will always have your back. 

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