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Plumbing Insurance Claims

When Destruction Spreads, You Need an Expert on Plumbing Leakage.

Water damage can be a complicated and disastrous situation. Internal plumbing structures are often so complex, that when leakage or a burst occurs, you may not notice until it’s too late. Other unexpected water damage sources such as washing machines, slop sinks, dishwashers, leaks from shower pans, and refrigerator water lines can take you by surprise! When these plumbing disasters surface, you need to act fast. A public adjuster will give you the immediate attention your property deserves.

Water damage caused by plumbing issues such as expansion tank failures can result in structural damage, mold, or ruined inventory or furniture. When plumbing leaks are caused by a slow leak over time, the damages can go unseen for quite some time.

According to a recent survey, water damage from plumbing or appliances was the second highest claim made, making up 19 percent of all claims. With these statistics, it’s important to understand how to address a disaster of this sort.

Get the Proper Opinion

We understand the stressors that come when a plumbing leak has affected your home or business. In a matter of moments, your entire property foundation could be at risk of collapse.

Most water damage insurance claims apply to structural damage, such as damage to floors or walls caused by a bursting pipe. Policies may even cover related damaged belongings, such as furniture or computers. However, insurance companies fail to cover plumbing leaks and related damage that is caused by poor property maintenance. Oftentimes, they will use this argument against you, when in fact there are many other underlying factors that come into play. Don’t allow insurance companies to strip you from your rightful claims. With a public adjuster on your side, you’ll have the expertise you need to fight back.


    When to call a Public Adjuster:

    • The claim is complex, and you just don’t have the knowledge/time to submit a claim.
    • The insurance company is not moving quickly to get you money for recovery.
    • Your business suffered building damage, business personal property damage, resulting in loss of income.
    • You need an advocate on your side to get you a fair and equitable settlement.
    • The insurance company denied your claim.
    • The insurance company unfairly underpaid your claim.

    100 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!


    Considering the complications associated with water damage insurance claims, it’s difficult to manage claims on your own without expert help. When the unthinkable occurs, and your property has fallen victim to the hidden internal damages of plumbing leakages, United Public Adjusters will be there at your side.

    United Public Adjusters works for you, not your insurance company. Our extensive expertise and deep understanding of insurance policies will allow us to rightfully defend your property’s damage. When plumbing leaks have put a stress in your life, United Public Adjuster’s will handle it.