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Has your warehouse been physically damaged by perils such as fire, water or wind? What about its contents? There’s a good chance that if the warehouse has been externally damaged, then the internal materials have been damaged as well. How will you assess the damage of both the warehouse and its contents? Is everything covered under one policy? Let UPA help you find answers to these questions.

Many warehouses are used primarily for storage; however, other warehouses are used as manufacturing facilities and for housing equipment and workers. Warehouses are subject to damage from:

  • Fire or water damage could wipe out a warehouse and its contents, thus leaving a company inoperable. roofs that rip open during a storm
  • Sprinkler head break due to freeze or a forklift lifting up merchandise and accidentally hitting the head causing water damage
  • More complex property damage includes a 1 million square foot warehouse fire with (1) tenants (businesses) or rental of 100k square feet (sf) each and a fire happens within one of those businesses and the smoke travels throughout the (9) other businesses.

With potential damages of this magnitude, owners need to have experts on their side with the experience in negotiating and preparing claims related to warehouses. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. understands the warehouse industry, has expertise in inspecting and analyzing damaged building and while ensuring maximum recovery.

Having a disaster strike your business can slow or stop your operations, directly impacting your customer service and your profits. You may have to find a temporary location from which to work while you rebuild, which adds the expense to an already expensive endeavor. Your insurance company is aware of your stress in circumstances like these and may choose to capitalize on it. By giving you a low-ball offer, your insurance company hopes that you accept, refusing to negotiate. This serves them financially, but not you.


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