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Follow Us: 1-800-718-5677

Delayed Claims / Underpaid Claims

Are YOU Fighting an Uphill Battle with the Insurance Company?

Property insurance is a beautiful concept but exercising your benefits post property disaster can be quite challenging. We get it. Most policyholders as yourself are optimistic about being able to handle a claim on their own. It is not until the insurance company completely stops responding or decides to pay for only a portion of the claim; that policyholders begin to reach out for help.

Haven’t Heard from Your Adjuster?

Communication is key to a successful and expedited claim settlement. Let Us Follow Up. We Get Back to People.

Although we applauded the optimism and hands-on attempt, the reality is that the property insurance claim process is quite complex and time-consuming. Most policyholders will meet with the insurance company adjuster and think that all will go smoothly, but we can guarantee that you are reading this because either:


    When to call a Public Adjuster:

    • The insurance company continues to delay your claim, prohibiting you from rebuilding
    • The insurance company disappeared along with all communication regarding your claim
    • The insurance company sent you a denial letter, with complex language which you’ve been trying to decipher
    • The insurance company sent you a laundry list of document requests and you are feeling overwhelmed
    • The insurance company sent you a blank personal property inventory form and told you to inventory your damages and value the same.
    • The insurance company made you a building offer, but nearby contractors have verbally told you that the damages far exceed the offer.
    • The insurance company assigned an accountant to your business interruption claim and you’re not sure how to respond or calculate your claim for damages.
    • The insurance company assigned a forensic engineer to your claim to investigate the cause of the loss and feel the engineer is only looking out for the best interests of the insurance company while ignoring the facts.
    • The insurance company sent out a building consultant to prepare an estimate for damages for the reconstruction, but it’s too low and they tell you they can do the repairs for that amount meanwhile the scope and pricing are incorrect.
    • You realize that you don’t have quite the construction and real estate knowledge to support your claim
    • You have just about had it with the insurance company and the process.

    100 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!


    We understand your pain points. In fact, we’ve been there and on average, yearly, we handle over $100 million dollars in complex commercial and residential claims; nationwide. From fire to water, wind, adjacent construction, wildfire, mold, hurricane, and tornado, we have the real estate, construction, damaged content’s inventory, negotiation, and policy language interpretation experience to tackle the above challenges for our private clients successfully.

    The Difference

    United prides itself on values of integrity and transparency. We ensure to keep you informed with every step of the claims management process so that you know exactly what is happening at any given point in the claim process. No disappearing here. In addition, we have built a great network of resources to not only advocate on your behalf but also to ensure you rebuild correctly, in the least amount of time possible.