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Navigating Property Claims for Managed Real Estate Assets

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. offers specialized insurance claim assistance tailored to the needs of real estate asset managers. We understand the critical role you play in maintaining and enhancing the financial performance of properties under your management. Our services are designed to ensure that Assets Under Management (AUM) impacted by fire, water, or storm damage are expertly handled, aligning with your focus on long-term property appreciation and short-term cash flow.

Why Real Estate Asset Managers Choose Us:

  • Expert Advocacy for Policyholders: Unlike adjusters from insurance companies, our public adjusters solely represent the interests of the property owner. We work to ensure that your clients’ claims are managed to achieve optimal settlements.
  • Understanding of Complex Property Dynamics: We comprehend the nuances of managing claims for diverse property types, ensuring that every aspect of damage is meticulously evaluated and included in the claim.

Our Tailored Services for Asset Management:

  • Comprehensive Claim Management: We handle all aspects of insurance claims, from assessing damage to negotiating with insurance providers, ensuring a seamless process for your AUM.
  • Strategic Support for Asset Managers: Our services integrate with your responsibilities, providing expert claim management that complements your commitment to adding value to each property under management.

Supporting Your Financial Goals:

  • Protecting Investments: We recognize the impact property damage can have on your investment strategies. Our goal is to minimize this impact by securing fair and just settlements.
  • Alignment with Operational Functions: Our services align with your focus on operational functions, performance goals, and caretaker roles, ensuring that the properties you manage retain their value and continue to perform financially.

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc.: Your Ally in Property Insurance Management

For asset managers tasked with overseeing real estate investments, partnering with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. ensures that your AUM is protected and expertly managed in the event of property damage. We are committed to providing the highest level of insurance claim support, aligning with the high standards of service you provide to your clients.

Contact Us for Expert Collaboration

If you are an asset manager seeking professional assistance with insurance claims for your managed properties, contact United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. at 1-800-718-5677 (LOSS). Our team is ready to offer the expertise and advocacy necessary to navigate complex property claims, ensuring the satisfaction and trust of your clients and the continued success of your managed assets.


Over 500 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!

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