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Higher Education

Ever Higher Education Experiences Setbacks. UPA Can Help.

High education is a rewarding privilege that truly shapes a student to succeed. But when unexpected disasters such as a flood, fire or hurricane strike a student’s place of learning, their progress can be severely set back. If your high education institution such as a college, university or trade school has fallen victim to a disaster, you need the expertise of a professional to get everyone’s lives back on track toward success.

United Public Adjusters Solution

Oftentimes, insurance companies are fighting for their own benefit. They are not sympathizing with the thousands of students affected by the property disaster. This makes the claims filing process time consuming and stressful to all parties involved. While you’re attempting to keep your institution afloat, the last thing you need is pushback from the people that should be providing help.

Fortunately, United Public Adjusters has just the expertise you need to keep your institution moving forward. We are well versed in all insurance claims processes and are here to help you navigate your own claim. We’ll handle everything from inspection and filing to negotiation and settlement. With our team on your side, you’ll never walk alone.


Over 500 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!

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