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Residential Property Insurance Claims

Real Estate Transaction Lawyers Specializing in Residential Transactions

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc.: Residential Property Damage Claim Experts

Proficient in Handling Claims for 1-4 Family Homes, Condominiums, and Cooperatives

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. specializes in managing property damage claims for a wide range of residential properties, including 1-4 family homes, condominiums, and cooperatives. We adeptly navigate the complexities that arise when insurance responsibilities between individual policies and master policies held by boards of managers overlap.

Comprehensive Services for Residential Real Estate Lawyers:

  • Versatile Claim Handling: Our expertise covers individual units and shared spaces in condominiums and cooperatives, addressing disputes between unit owners’ policies and master policies.
  • In-Depth Understanding of Governing Documents: We interpret building governing documents like offering plans, by-laws, and proprietary leases to accurately determine responsibility in claims.

Why Collaborate with Us?

  • Expert Advocacy in Complex Scenarios: We excel in scenarios where there’s ambiguity in the responsibility of damage claims between individual owners and board-held master policies.
  • In-House Personal Property Inventory Team: Our team is equipped to inventory and price damaged personal property, ensuring comprehensive claim filing.
  • Skilled Construction Estimators: Our in-house construction estimators accurately determine rebuilding costs, countering inexperienced carrier adjusters’ guesstimates.

Supporting Homeowners and Shareholders:

  • Navigating Policy Conflicts: We expertly handle cases where damages might fall between the cracks of individual and master policy coverage.
  • Collaboration with Legal Professionals: Our services complement the legal counsel provided by real estate attorneys, offering integrated solutions for property damage claims.
  • Focus on Optimal Claim Outcomes: We aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for homeowners, ensuring their satisfaction and financial well-being.

Contact Us for Residential Property Claim Assistance:

For real estate transaction lawyers specializing in residential transactions, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. offers unmatched expertise in managing property damage claims for various residential settings. Contact us at 1-800-718-5677 (LOSS) for expert assistance in navigating complex claims scenarios in condominiums and cooperatives, as well as individual homes.


Over 500 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!

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