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Public Adjusters for Hotel Owners & Operators

The role of every owner and operator in the hospitality business is to ensure a positive experience for their clientele throughout their stay. It is a highly competitive business, and it is understandable that for hotel management, the focus is primarily their guests’ comfort and wellbeing. Whether your hotel is part of a major franchise, or an independent bed and breakfast in a resort location, it is important to have a leading public adjuster firm, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, on your vendor short list. Like yourself, we know the broad range of seen and unforeseen events that can occur which can cause damage to your premises, and not only impact the value of your property, but potentially damage your business’ reputation as well. When any issue occurs, it is imperative that it be rectified as swiftly as possible. That is where as your public adjuster for hotel owners and operators, United’s team of professionals can support your enterprise throughout your property damage claim process to bring about a satisfactory conclusion that leaves your business restored, and your business reputation, as well as your revenues undisturbed.

Your franchise may depend entirely on the property damage policy that was created by your home office. However, no one policy can encompass the needs of every business location. Yes, you have insurance through your carrier, but when disaster strikes and your premises are damaged by fire, a burst pipe, natural disaster, sewer backup, and a host of other issues that the hospitality industry is prone to, it is important to be aware of one key fact: your insurance carrier’s adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. Their goal is to protect the carrier’s bottom line, not yours. So it is imperative to have United Public Adjusters on your team because we work for you, and only for your best interests, not your insurance carriers’.

For example, we can come in before the start of the hurricane or winter season, to review your policies to see if your property damage coverages will be sufficient based on today’s current construction costs to repair or replace assets. Another consideration is business interruption coverage, in case your doors are shuttered for the duration of any repairs. This will allow sufficient time for any perceived gaps in coverage. Or, when disaster strikes, no matter how great or small, United’s team will be swiftly deployed to assess the extent of the damages, assist you to document, prepare and submit your claim. Next, we will oversee every step of the claims process, even negotiate with your carrier to bring about a settlement claim in line with your coverage that completely covers the cost to renovate, replace, or rebuild. We do this in as swift a time as possible.

Consider this, after your business assets, having a support team that can enable you to remain in business is also a great asset. We invite you to contact our team today so you can readily see the value in an association with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. especially when you require professional assistance with a fire, water, construction damage or storm related property damage claim.


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