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Cyber Insurance Claim Support by United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc.


In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are an ever-present concern for businesses. When these threats become reality, handling cyber insurance claims efficiently and effectively is paramount. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. is your dedicated partner in managing these complex claims, ensuring your business is comprehensively protected against the multifaceted effects of cyber incidents.

Understanding Cyber Insurance Claims

What is a Cyber Insurance Claim? A cyber insurance claim arises from incidents like data breaches or cyberattacks, covering financial losses, operational interruptions, and related legal issues.

Our Specialized Services

  1. Meticulous Claim Preparation: We ensure comprehensive documentation and accurate representation of every aspect of the cyber incident in your claim.
  2. In-Depth Policy Analysis: We thoroughly review your policy to maximize your coverage benefits.
  3. Business Interruption and Extra Expense Claims: Our expertise lies in accurately assessing operational impacts and additional expenses incurred due to cyber incidents.
  4. Forensic Accounting Expertise: Our in-house CPAs are adept at quantifying the financial toll of cyber events, ensuring thorough accounting for all loss aspects.
  5. Strategic Negotiation and Advocacy: We champion your interests, negotiating with insurers to secure equitable settlements.

How We Differ from Carrier Representatives

  • Policyholder Representation: We represent you, not the insurance company, ensuring your interests are at the forefront.
  • Skilled Negotiators: Our team is adept at challenging tactics used by insurers to minimize claims.
  • Focused on Full Entitlements: Our goal is to ensure you receive every benefit you are entitled to under your policy.

The United Public Adjusters Advantage

  • No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee: Our fee structure is straightforward – if we don’t recover funds for you, you owe us nothing.
  • Business Interruption Claim Specialists: We specialize in handling business interruption claims, vital in cyber incidents.
  • Counteracting Insurance Tactics: We proactively address strategies used by insurance carriers to underplay claims.
  • Holistic Risk Management: Our approach includes advanced strategies for comprehensive risk management.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cyber Claim Expertise: Our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques in cyber claim management.
  • Customized Claim Solutions: We tailor our services to uniquely address your situation.
  • Track Record of Success: Our history of successfully settling complex cyber claims stands as a testament to our capability and dedication.


Navigating the aftermath of a cyber incident requires expertise in claim management. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. brings a wealth of experience, commitment, and a determination to secure your rightful compensation following cyber incidents.

Contact Us for Expert Cyber Claim Management

Connect with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. for comprehensive support and advocacy in your cyber insurance claim.

  • Phone: 1-800-718-5677 (LOSS)
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Over 500 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!

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When to call a Public Adjuster:

The claim is complex, and you just don’t have the knowledge/time to submit a claim.

The insurance company is not moving quickly to get you money for recovery.

Your business suffered building damage, business personal property damage, resulting in loss of income.

You need an advocate on your side to get you a fair and equitable settlement.

The insurance company denied your claim.

The insurance company unfairly underpaid your claim.

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