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Follow Us: 1-800-718-5677

About Us

Complex Commercial & Residential Property Insurance Adjusters

About United Public Adjusters & Appraisers

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. realizes that when disaster strikes, often customers do not have on-demand access to proven skilled industry experts and are left at the mercy of Google to find help. That’s where United Public Adjusters comes in! We aim to provide property owners with peace of mind after disasters.

We are licensed and bonded and have experience in handling claims arising from frozen pipes, sprinkler failures, water overflow, hail, snow weight, ice damming, fire, wind, mold, vandalism, theft, collapse, damage by adjacent construction, and business interruption from a covered loss, to name a few.

United maximizes claims by preparing, filing, documenting, appraising, estimating, negotiating and managing the payment of the claim. We don’t work for the insurance company; we work for YOU!

Unmatched Results

United Public Adjusters are property loss claim experts with proven results. We negotiated over $100 million in commercial and high net worth property claim settlements last year alone.

We attribute our success to an innovative team focused on relationships, empathy, transparency, continuous construction knowledge and superb customer service.


    When to call a Public Adjuster:

    • The claim is complex, and you just don’t have the knowledge/time to submit a claim.
    • The insurance company is not moving quickly to get you money for recovery.
    • Your business suffered building damage, business personal property damage, resulting in loss of income.
    • You need an advocate on your side to get you a fair and equitable settlement.
    • The insurance company denied your claim.
    • The insurance company unfairly underpaid your claim.

    100 Million In Claim Settlements Across the USA!


    United Public Adjusters & Appraisers will substantiate the claim while successfully getting your home or business back to normal. Our firm is here to prove and maximize the claim for every dollar you are entitled to. If a loss has occurred, don’t hesitate to  reach out to our team.


    To create value for our customers by continuously developing our people, skills, processes and relationships into a self-contained team of industry experts.