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United Public Adjusters are experts in helping policyholders’ business property damage losses and recovery.

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Navigating a home property insurance claim can be resolved by having a knowledgeable and experienced public adjuster manage and settle the claim.

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United can help manage how to mitigate damage while leaving operations unaffected.

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United’s institutional focus includes loss documentation, local markets expertise, and total cost analysis.

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    No matter the damage, we can help.





    Frozen Pipes



    Fires are devastating losses, whether to your home or business. Even if everyone gets out safely, an overwhelming task of managing a fire damage property insurance claim is added to your to-do list. To make matters worse, if not managed correctly, you face the risk of a denied, delayed or underpaid claim!


    Water damage is a common but complex property insurance claim to undertake and interpreting an insurance policy isn’t simple but yet this key factor determines the success of your settlement. Without such expertise, property owners are bound to experience denied, delayed and underpaid water damage restoration claims.


    Hurricanes are devastating because they bring an influx of disaster that no home or business is ever ready for. Whether the storms hit New York, New Jersey, the Carolinas, or Florida, they leave destruction in their path.


    Mold is sneaky and disastrous and typically stems from water. Once mold starts growing in your home or place of business—whether it’s common green mold or the more worrisome black mold—it affects air quality, shuts down HVAC systems, interrupts businesses, and damages walls and ceilings. For companies, this can lead to loss of income – not to mention business reputation.

    Frozen Pipes

    A drop in temperature can spell disaster for property owners. As temperatures decline, water in plumbing pipes freezes, causing them to burst. The worst part is that homeowners have no clue that they have a problem until the temperature rises and pipes thaw; revealing water damage.


    As with most disasters, construction damage caused by nearby projects is completely out of your control. When this occurs, turn to United Public Adjusters. We’ll put the control back in your hands.

    Why United Public Adjusters?

    We work for you and not the insurance company to manage & settle large loss property insurance claims.

    Our Process

    1. Inspection

    We will personally inspect your property.

    Our construction and real-estate knowledge allows us to account for all damage so that you attain proper compensation to fully rebuild. We will create detailed lists of damaged items and ensure no stone is left unturned.

    2. Valuation

    We will conduct research to determine values for your damage.

    Next, we will evaluate your existing insurance policies for applicable coverage. We keep your best interest in mind throughout every step of the process.

    3. Negotiation

    We will liaison between you and your insurance company.

    UPA understand just how policies are upheld, and we will use our knowledge and strategy to fight on your behalf while keeping you in the loop throughout the process. Our approach is to provide you with peace of mind throughout the entire claim process.

    4. Settlement

    We ensure maximum compensation in the least amount of time.

    Because we know policy language inside out, we won’t allow the insurance company to put your claim settlement in a corner.

    Real, Tangible Results!

    Check out what the community is saying.
    • I cannot recommend this firm and Michael Maltaghati more. My home in Mount Sinai suffered a significant water damage loss and Michael and his team worked tirelessly in representing me. They had excellent communication skills, responding very quickly to my frequent inquiries. They know the industry very well and will fiercely negotiate on your behalf to get what you are entitled to. I now understand how important it is to work with someone who is knowledgeable in this area because the average person or contractor could easily miss so many details Michael and his team caught. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this nightmare without them! AMAZING job!
      Karina Jockers
    • United Public Adjusters are absolutely fantastic! A++. Michael Maltaghati and James Southard guided us step by step and had expeditious communication throughout the entire process! United Public Adjusters, Michael and James proved to be reliable, thorough, fierce negotiators and highly knowledgeable. They helped us through a water damage loss and we are immensely appreciative. 100% recommend their services. Thank you!!!

      Collier Castaway
    • Wonderful. They are worth every penny by taking the nerve wracking interactions with your insurance company off your list of things to do – they do it. And they get you more than if you went it alone. They know the business, the issues, and the people. Highly recommended!!!!

      Doug Russell
    • They helped me a lot and they are profesional..definitely advised.

      Kuddusi Sevimli
    • Mike Maltagati went above and beyond for me and my family during a very trying time. He will get you what you deserve. The insurance adjusters are difficult but Mike made the claims process much easier dealing with the insurance company on your behalf. Thank you Mike.

      C Paolucci
    • Delorenzo was beyond helpful to us and did above and beyond our expectations. He listened to our concerns and addressed everything plus things we never even thought of. I would highly recommend him to my friends, family and anyone who’s suffered a loss. His due diligence as far as timing went was impeccable, we are now more than happily continuing to live our best lives – luckily still in our forever home.

      Blake James
    • When my home in Jamaica, Queens caught on fire, Michael and his team arrived on-site within only an hour after the incident. Obviously being our first time dealing with said situation it was extremely confusing and stressful, but my family and I knew we were in good hands. Michael took the time to thoroughly explain next steps including claim submission, restoration and mitigation, and even temporary relocation. I would strongly recommend!

      Thad Mangar
    • I was extremely lucky to have someone refer me to Michael Maltaghati from United Public Adjusters. Back in June, driving home from my son’s baseball game, I returned home to find the side of my house in smoke, tons of firefighters and all my neighbors standing outside. Because of water damage, my house was almost entirely gutted. Thanks to Michael and his experience, reliability and most importantly, his insurance knowledge, I was left with little to no stress. I am in the process of rebuilding a beautiful new house and I owe it to Michael and his team!

      Judith Friedman
    • True experts – they gave my family great advice and handled a claim and it lead to a much better outcome than if we handled the stressful situation alone. I highly recommend them.

      Brad Caracciola
    • I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to put in an home owners claim. We had a house fire July 2018. The whole house had to be rebuild except the frame. It was an extremely traumatic experience, however having United Public adjusters on our side made it so much easier. We put everything to do with the insurance company in their hands. They were outstanding. They handled everything from helping us to housing, restoration, but most importantly reassuring us that we will get everything to get back into our home. Fast forward 7 months I’m sitting back in my home after the whole house was redone and I never had to deal with the insurance company. They were able to get me everything I needed from my claim, from the rebuild and my contents.

      Donna McCay
    • United Public Adjusters handled my claim when I had a fridge line fail. My house was flooded and I did not know the proper steps to get my home back to a normal living standard in a timely manner. Mike, Anthony, and James from United were there every step of the way to make sure all of my contents were properly documented and hand held me through the process to ensure the insurance carrier gave me the proper amount to bring my home back to the way it was. They answered all my calls and questions with professionalism and allowed me to get back into my home.

      Chris Occhipinti
    • Last year my family suffered a major house fire. We were recommended to Anthony DeLorenzo. Anthony made sure we had a place to stay and walked us throughout the whole process from day one. What amazed me most was how he accounted for literally every toothpick of personal items in the home. With his help, we were able to navigate through the claims process quickly and efficiently. Anthony’s ability to constantly communicate even on nights and weekends always gave my family peace of mind as the claim moved forward. The insurance company adjusters are not your advocates. People need to realize having your own private adjuster is key. Kudos to Anthony and the team at United for getting the job done for my family as our newly constructed home is amazing. Thanks guys!!

      Matthew Bicknese
    • Mike of United Public Adjusters was recommended by a contractor friend who had verified results in a timely fashion and with the least amount of Insurance Company run-a-round for the homeowner. He made all the calls and set up the inspections. He pointed out to the company adjuster many, many things that they would have overlooked. Mike knows how Insurance Companies think! Yes, I would highly recommend the team at United Public Adjusters for any large claim. Thanks again, Mike.

      J B
    • On August 4, 2020, during the storm Isiais an 80 foot tall oak tree was blown over from it’s roots and crashed through my home in Manhasset. It did very significant damage to the whole house and fell with such force that it even cracked the foundation Having no experience in dealing with this type of claim, I turned to United Public Adjusters for their guidance and expertise. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Mike Maltaghati and his team, including James, have been terrific. Their knowledge of the intricacies and details of the construction process and negotiating skill in dealing with the insurance company were invaluable. They are true professionals who walked us through the process and kept us fully informed every step of the way. They were also always available to answer any questions we may have had in a complete and understandable way. I am convinced they obtained the best possible settlement we could have received from the insurance company. I would never think of using anyone else in this type of situation and give them my highest recommendation to anyone who may require the services of a Public Adjuster.

      Joseph Bzezinski