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For many who have realized the dream of home ownership, our homes are truly our castles. With this achievement of the American Dream, however, comes a great deal of responsibility. Monthly carrying costs, home maintenance, and repairs, all can take a toll on our well-being. However, this great investment is also a fine hedge against inflation, as it is a rare property that does not increase in value over time. One event that can throw a wrench into the lives of homeowners is when they suffer residential property damage and have to submit a homeowners insurance claim. That’s the time when a public homeowners insurance claims adjuster, such as United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, is their best ally in the recovery process.

The damages can be relatively small, such as a downed tree limb damaging an outdoor shed. But what if it is your tree that has fallen across property lines and damaged your neighbor’s car parked in their driveway? Can you afford to wait until Spring to fix those missing roof shingles from the windstorm, or where will you live now that the fire marshall has declared your home uninhabitable? One call to United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, and we will quickly come to your aid. Our public homeowners insurance adjusters will assess your property insurance policies, help you document damages, prepare and submit your residential property damage claim, and even find temporary housing for you and your family.

Even if you have not sustained any residential property damage, you’ll want to give our team a call to assess your existing property insurance coverages. So many homeowners purchased a policy when they applied for their mortgages and have not updated their policies since. They find out when it is too late that they are not adequately covered for damages and asset losses. As your public homeowners insurance adjuster, we will take the time to assess your policies and note if they include any upgrades and/or additions to your residence. This way, you’ll be well-positioned should the need arise to submit a homeowners insurance claim.

Just a reminder, the claims adjuster sent by your insurance carrier works for that party, not you. What this means is that the settlement offer you receive may not be adequate to cover your losses and or home restoration. It is a fact — claims submitted and negotiated by public adjusters yield a considerably higher recovery settlement. That is not the only reason to contact the public homeowners insurance adjusters at United Public Adjusters & Appraisers. There are no upfront costs and we provide peace of mind and true professionalism to bring about an outcome that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Learn more by speaking with our team today!

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