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Accurate Estimates, Maximum Claims – UPA is Your Construction Damage Claim Advocate

In the wake of a disaster that impacts your home, business, or commercial facility, it is extremely important that the settlement is sufficient to cover the cost of rebuilding. Depending on the age of your structure or the clauses in your insurance policy/policies, your insurance carrier may or may not be offering a settlement that is adequate to repair, renovate, or replace the structure. The metrics that insurance companies use may not be in line with current actual costs in your region, thereby resulting in what is termed a “lowball offer”. Your best option when faced with this dilemma, is to contact United Public Adjusters & Appraisers. We provide excellent construction cost estimating services as well as provide assistance in assessing, documenting, and assisting with your revised claim submission. We support you throughout the entire claims process and leverage our cost estimation building construction findings against the insurance company’s, to bring about a corrected, more accurate, and most importantly, more than adequate recovery settlement to the extent that your policy allows.

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers draws upon the services of qualified construction estimators in your region to use their expertise to accurately predict the cost as well as the resources and skilled personnel required for your reconstruction project. Construction cost estimating requires knowledge of and experience with blueprint analysis, building specifications, and other project documents to gauge the complete scope of the work, materials, labor, and equipment required to complete your project including a timeline.

Your insurance carrier will focus on their bottom line, not yours. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers’ cost estimation building construction experts fully understand construction processes, the materials involved, and labor costs in your area, and can additionally read and interpret architects’ and engineers’ drawings. They collaborate with project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, and others to double-check their findings with real-time schedules and goals. Speaking of goals, the point of submitting a more accurate determination of your rebuilding requirements through professional construction cost estimating, is to get your claim settled accurately and quickly. This is because professional cost estimation building construction documentation virtually mandates a revised and accurate settlement offer by your insurer.

Learn more about the extent of the services that working with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers can provide for any property damage claim to ensure an optimal outcome. Contact our team with your questions before or during your insurance claim process. Call now!


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