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Why Texas Insurance Companies Offer Low Settlement Offers

Between being understaffed and overworked during disasters, it’s common for Texas insurance companies to try and adjust losses with general documentation and whatever pictures they can find. The truth is, they don’t think they have the time to handle property damage settlements and consult with a public adjuster early on, so they end up not sending one until they receive all the documentation in addition to a long, drawn-out property insurance claim settlement process.

The property insurance claim settlement is a long one. As a result, you get tasked with managing the chaos of letters, old documents, and day-to-day hassles that your insurance company should be handling in the first place. At this point, it’s too late to complete all of the stalled documents, as you desperately need the money to restore your Texas business and just get things back to normalcy.

When unpredicted winter storms and power outages occur in Texas, insurance companies and public adjusters often reach their thresholds rather quickly. Between handling numerous claims between countless people and insurance companies, it becomes clear that these adjusters must handle huge territories, leaving them on the road for long periods of time. As you know, everything is bigger in Texas! The influx of claims across such large areas causes these public adjusters to get stretched too thin, unable to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and effort that each individual case requires.

Plus, you should consider that many of these independent public adjusters work with insurance companies that micromanage these claims without even seeing the damages. It’s very common for some adjusters to lack vital knowledge around Texas construction pricing and Texas insurance laws, putting your much-needed money on halt. When it really comes down to it, most Texas adjusters see you as a number because that’s all they can do. That’s no way to handle your property damage settlements.

United Public Adjusters has the manpower and resources to easily handle your property insurance claim settlement. Not only will we take all of those letters, documents, and photographs off your hands, we’ll also make sure to get you the maximum coverage you deserve. We at United Public Adjusters understand all of the complexities that go with property damage settlements, so we’re always able to stay a step ahead of insurance companies. This is your Texas business and you can’t trust the insurance companies to take care of it alone, which is why you need a public adjuster you can trust. Call us TODAY for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION claim review at 1-800-718-LOSS or email us at