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Choosing Your Catastrophic Insurance Adjuster

Lightening near city buildings

Catastrophes happen. Some, like hurricanes and tornadoes, are seasonal. Damage can be sustained by wind, fire, falling trees, wind-borne debris, and more. And they occur even to thriving businesses when least expected. When your company or home has been damaged or its structure destroyed by a ‘natural cause’, be sure to have Plan A- comprehensive insurance coverage, and Plan B- the services of a professional public adjuster.  When the unforeseen becomes reality, preparedness permits any organization to rally as quickly as possible. The most important aspect of being prepared (along with having that insurance policy) is to partner with the right professional catastrophic insurance adjuster to further minimize stress, turnaround times, and to ensure the highest possible settlement allowable. 

What to look for when hiring a public adjuster?  Look for a firm with solid claims experience and who always has your back. This is not the time to hastily submit a claim to your long-time insurance company and expect they will have your best interests at the forefront. Most business owners will accept the insurance settlement offered as final and never realize they may have been shortchanged or that they have rights. United Public Adjusters not only knows the catastrophic insurance adjuster business, we know insurance and how it works. That is why we address the full scope of every damage claim. From assessment, documentation, current and potential damage, replacement value, relocation, lost inventory, payroll, and staff impacts, to fighting for every cent your business is due, our team never lets up until the job is done: a fair and just settlement  FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Need help right away? Give us a call at 1-800-718-LOSS. United Public Adjusters has the team, skills, and experience to help you and your business through a catastrophic event. Partner with us to ensure that a disaster’s impact on your business operations is minimal, and resolved optimally as quickly as possible. Call today! 


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