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Did National Winter Weather Warnings Catch You Off Guard? We Can Help!

It is always startling to receive National Winter Weather Warnings on our cell phones and mobile devices. Suddenly any emotional cushion that ‘but surely it cannot happen here’, vanishes. This year, extreme cold snaps in normally more temperate parts of the U.S. are causing concern among home and property owners nationwide. Especially when the majority of the winter season has been mild, it may have lulled homeowners like yourself into thinking the Winter storm preparations you overlooked last Fall are not cause for concern. Next year, you will wrap their exposed pipes, and blanket your new hot water heater, or replace the insulation that formed mildew and mold when the old water heater leaked. Next year. Then there is that dramatic sound associated with receiving a National Winter Weather Warning in your region, and your false sense of security evaporates. It is not too late, however. If your property or residence sustains damage/asset losses due to severe Winter weather, do not submit a storm damage insurance claim without speaking to our team first. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers offers professional guidance and top negotiation skills with insurers for homeowners who require assistance with their home insurance storm damage claims.

That sudden Winter storm created an icy wonderland that glints in the sun and looks picture-perfect from inside your cozy home. Once you bundle up and venture outside, you may notice that your home did not emerge unscathed. Perhaps a downed tree fell against your roof, displacing shingles and destroying your gutter and its leader. Worse yet, your tree may have fallen across a neighbor’s driveway, landing on their son’s car. (Conversely, a neighbor’s tree may have…you get it.) Or, you went into the basement laundry room and discovered a frozen wasteland due to a ruptured washing machine hose, or burst water pipe. When this occurs, the steps you take next will influence the settlement amount you receive or the liability claim levied against you. Call United Public Adjusters & Appraisers. We have helped thousands of homeowners with their storm damage claims. We will come to you and document the issue. Our professionals will assist you to prepare and submit your home insurance storm damage claim and continue to have your back through the entire process.

The facts are simple. Go it alone, and you will not only risk leaving ‘money on the table’, you will leave ‘money on the table’- yours. That’s because statistically, most homeowners accept the settlement their insurance company offers. Insurers’ offers are historically far lower than those negotiated by public adjusters. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers knows the insurance and construction industries thoroughly. We consider more than just the repair, renovation, and replacement costs, such as hidden damages that will surface long after your claim is settled. What then? When every angle has been considered by our team, we work towards achieving the highest settlement your policy allows.

If your home has come through the Winter worse for wear, or if you’d like to know more, contact United Public Adjusters & Appraisers to go to work for you!


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