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Evaluate and Remedy: We’ll Evaluate Additional Damages and File a Supplemental Claim on Your Behalf

While the stress of recovery looms overhead, the last thing you want is another setback interrupting the process. But what happens if you find additional property damage after you’ve already filed a claim? Don’t fret. Although disaster on top of disaster may seem like a frightening feat to tackle, United Public Adjusters will still stand by your side.

Filing Supplemental Claims

Supplemental claims are common, especially on large commercial projects or more expensive personal properties. Often, you find additional damage while completing repairs or replacement. After going through the motions to regain maximum claim coverage, it can be hard to dive back into an additional claim. How do you know if you’re covered for the additional damage? Will this set back any initial repairs?

If you find additional damage to your property, immediate notification is key. You can file a supplemental claim for the newly discovered damage. However, many insurance policies are silent on the conditions or limitations placed on supplemental claims. Silent policies leave you in limbo on repairing your property. When an insurance company tries to deny your supplemental claim, you may feel unsure about how to proceed.

Don’t be caught off-guard by your policy coverage. United Public Adjusters will help you evaluate all aspects of the disaster.


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