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Fire Insurance Claim Help From Professional Claim Managers

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
View of building on fire

Has your home or business fallen victim to fire peril? United Public Adjusters is on your side. Fires are devastating losses, whether to your home or business and can stem from a variety of sources including; electric space heaters, an overloaded electrical system, frayed extension cords, dry Christmas trees, ungrounded homes, unattended candles, faulty appliances, spontaneous combustion, dirty rags, lightning strike, smoking (cigarettes), flammable chemicals, wildfire – embers and WORSE- ARSON.

When fires occur, they can make you feel violated and enormously frustrated. Your whole life is turned upside down. Even if everyone gets out safely, an overwhelming task is added to your to-do list. The fire itself is chaotic but other elements such as char, soot, ensuing water damages, structural damages, and deodorization make handling property insurance claims a nightmare! After your property has been affected by the disastrous result of fire, the last thing you need is more stress on your mind. Our team of licensed and bonded public adjusters will work to advocate and negotiate all claims pertaining to property damage and associated loss caused by fire.

Insurance companies develop complex claims for a reason – they are only concerned with protecting their interest. When a fire disaster strikes, they recognize the vulnerability that comes along with it. With a public adjuster, we ensure insurance companies do not take advantage of our clients. Since each of our public adjusters are professionals, skilled in handling insurance claims, we’ll advocate on your behalf.


While a public adjuster can’t undo the fire, they can step into your shoes and take over dealing with the insurance company. We’ll make sure you receive the maximum amount possible from your claim. Our expertise in appropriately valuing your building and its contents ensures your claim is presented in the best possible light.

Fire damage claims are complex. Have you thought about the value of your clothing, furniture, art, and jewelry? If the fire was in your business, what is the loss of revenue covered under business continuity coverage? If your fire was in a historical building or one with specific architectural significance, do you have the expertise to demonstrate the cost to replace specific features, custom millwork, or hardwoods?

You have enough on your plate. If the fire damaged your home, you may have to buy every member of your family new clothes, find a place to live and replace the basic essentials you need to live each day. The simple act of cooking a meal can be an emotional experience as you mourn the loss of your favorite porcelain plates, the ones your grandmother gave you when you got married and have used every day since. You need someone on your side to handle the insurance claim so you have time to recreate your life.

If your business was impacted by a fire, you are busy letting your customers know your new location (once you find one) and working to keep it a going concern. If the fire was in a rental property you owned, you’re concerned about maintaining your reputation with potential future tenants. The insurance company has an adjuster on their side whose goal is to minimize your claim. A public adjuster has the expertise to increase the amount you’re paid for the claim and allow you to move forward with your life.

We understand how devastating fire damage can be on a person’s home or business. Allow us to ease some of your stress. We’ll get your property the compensation it deserves, no matter how disastrous the flames.


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