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Fireworks Increase Property Damage to Homes & Businesses

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
Building in full flaming inferno, and the firefighters fighting to get control of the flames

Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

From BBQs to beach outings and family get-togethers; the Fourth of July wouldn’t be a celebration without fireworks. This Americana staple is a source of joy but can also quickly become a major disaster, especially since few people understand the fire risks associated with improperly handling fireworks. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks set off by amateurs caused an estimated 19,500 fires in 2018, including 1,900 structure fires and $105 million in direct property damage. Perhaps it’s better to leave the fireworks to the professionals.

Higher Risk for Firework Property Damage

Fireworks are a major source of fires because most consumers do not have the experience necessary to mitigate all the elements that can go wrong; often resulting in fireworks landing on residential roofs or commercial roofs. Fireworks can also land in-between homes and businesses resulting in major fires and even greater property damage. The risk for firework property damage is even higher this year, as many professional firework displays have been canceled. Just take a look at all of the firework fires which have happened way ahead of the fourth of July holiday:

Leave the Firework Claim Adjusting to the Professionals as well.

With the opportunity for firework property damage at an all-time high, property owners and managers should prepare a recovery plan. Firework fires are complicated due to the many moving parts. Between the police department, fire department, a barrage of insurance questions and demands as well as a lack of focus due to the emotional anguish of the loss, property owners wind up becoming overwhelmed and their insurance claim settlement suffers.

This year specifically, property-owners may face delayed claims dependent on the load of claims being handled by insurance companies. These delays are amplified due to the shift of insurance companies adjusting claims virtually.  

As you can see, preparation is key.  Did you know that a public adjuster’s main job is to sort all of the chaos out on your behalf?  Read on to learn about some of the challenges we help solve:

COMPLEX! We manage the complex aspects of the claim including submitting all the paperwork for the claim. When you suffer a fire, your property is burnt beyond recognition, and making a detailed list of all the damaged buildings and personal property is a job all to itself. We take this task on for you and ensure that every dollar is accounted for.

DELAYS! As mentioned before, when the claim load increases, a decrease in insurance company response time can come into play. We make sure to expedite your claim and get answers quickly to settle your claim so that you can rebuild.

ALL THE QUESTIONS! Got another call or email from the insurance company requesting additional information? Are you losing track of all the information you owe? No worries, when you hire us, all the questions will be tackled by our team.

LACK OF RESOURCES! When you suffer a house fire or business fire, you will need all the correct resources, such as a public adjuster, and finding credible contractors such as restoration companies, board up companies, and engineers with everything else going on is the last thing on your mind. We help you find vendors to mitigate your damages and even arrange board up and hotel stay; should you become displaced.

TRIED, UNSUCCESSFULLY? Perhaps you submitted a claim and now you realize you’re in over your head or worse, your claim has been denied. No worries, we can still help even if your claim has been denied. 


It is always best to have an existing relationship with a public adjuster and we would welcome the opportunity to explore if we are the right fit for your complex claim. Contact us today for a Complimentary Consultation. We have plenty of experience managing and successfully settling property insurance claims. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. is here to help with 24/7 service.


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