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Holiday Safety Tips to Prevent a Disaster in Your Home

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Historically, the holiday season is a notorious time for unfortunate accidents and resulting disaster insurance claims.  Homes and commercial properties are particularly vulnerable during this time due to things such as excessive electrical use, heavy snow on rooftops and seasonally frozen pipes. Compounded with absentee owners fleeing for the elongated holiday season this can quickly lead to property devastation. However, we can take some precautions to prevent the need for a disaster insurance adjuster.

Implementing safety precautions in your kitchen and other vulnerable fire hazard areas in your home are a great starting point to preventing fire damage.   Be sure to check the oven after cooking, before retiring for the evening, and include the cooking appliances in your final home sweep prior to leaving your home for a holiday event.  Additionally , be sure to double-check the fireplace if it has been used, and remember, it can take up to 4 days for ashes to completely cool after using the fireplace.

Burst pipes can also be a source of home damage and require the services of a disaster insurance adjuster.  Setting your thermostat to 50° when you’re away will keep your home warm enough to prevent frozen pipes while not wasting energy.  New wifi thermostats allow you considerable control over your indoor environment and will allow you to monitor the internal temperature and even change the thermostat settings remotely using your smartphone.  

Finally, it is advisable to turn off all indoor electronics and unplug them to avoid electrical fires.  When using electrical appliances, be sure to not overload circuits as this is a common source of house fires, particularly holiday decorations.

Some basic preventative measures can help you and your family celebrate the holiday safely.  In the event of an unfortunate home event, contacting a disaster insurance adjuster will help restore your property and make for a less stressful beginning of the new year.  For assistance on your disaster insurance claims, give United Public Adjusters a call at 1-800-718-LOSS. Our team of experts will provide you with a complimentary review.  The team of professionals at United Public Adjusters wishes you and your family a safe and joyous holiday season.

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