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How a Public Adjuster Can Help Property Management Companies Settle Claims

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Commercial properties are at the same risk of damage by fire, flood, hurricane, or other disasters as residential property.  It is the responsibility of property managers and facility directors to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible and more and more of these property professionals have come to rely on a business public adjuster. Between the complexities of policy language and allocating the time to properly manage a property insurance claim, we notice property managers looking to business public adjusters more than ever. The mitigation and repair process cannot begin until a settlement has been reached and this often can have a significant impact on the financial well-being of the business impacted by the claim.

With the ability to assist a university, hospital, library, manufacturing plant, assisted living facility, storage facility, commercial building, or luxury apartment buildings; a business public adjuster can help to mitigate the impact by successfully managing the ensuing chaos. The larger the facility, the more complex the process of navigating a satisfactory claim can be. In a very real sense, time is, in fact, money.

Unfortunately, the ultimate agenda of the insurance carriers and the facility managers are not aligned. Often the time value of a stoppage of commercial usage is of little consequence to an insurance carrier. Utilizing a business public adjuster can be a strong advocate to successfully secure a thorough and meaningful claim.

Fortunately, facility managers have come to rely on the experience and expertise of a business public adjuster, such as the capable team at United Public Adjusters.  Having assisted in settling over $100MM in claims, facility managers know exactly where a true advocate can be found when facing the trials of an insurance claim. With detail-oriented service, the professionals at United Public Adjusters are business public adjusters that will assist in expediting a claim, negotiate on behalf of their clients and ensure that they receive the maximum funds possible in the recovery process. For assistance on your property insurance claims, give United Public Adjusters a call at 1-800-718-LOSS. Our team of experts will provide you with a complimentary review.


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