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How can a Public Adjuster Help Manhattan Condo or Co-op owners with Property Damage?

Many Manhattan condo or co-op owners don’t realize they have a very powerful resource when facing their property damage claims. Utilizing the services of a public adjuster can make the process of submitting property damage claims virtually painless.

Insurance carriers engage with the policyholder holder to award a settlement for the costs of property damage claims. It is common for the insurance company to exhaustively settle for the smallest amount possible. This leaves Manhattan condo and co-op owners out of pocket for the remaining balance of any needed repairs. Hiring a professional public adjuster to navigate a property damage claim is a uniquely intelligent strategy for condo or co-op owners when insurance companies offer unfair settlements, delay the settlement process, or even when they outright deny a claim.  

The key to utilizing the services of a public adjuster for homeowners is understanding the fundamental services they offer. At the onset of a claim, savvy homeowners engage a professional public adjuster to handle all matters pertaining to a property damage claim. They arrange for inspections, assess the personal property impacted by the loss, assist in re-securing the property and interact directly with the insurance carrier.  Their advocacy is invaluable in reducing the stress of handling a property damage claim.  They understand how insurance carriers operate which alleviates the learning curve that many policyholders encounter when trying to handle a claim on their own. With their guidance, the result will be a faster and more comprehensive claim settlement.

The legal safeguards for Manhattan condo or co-op owners are extensive when they are faced with property damage claims as they pertain to their insurance carrier.  A professional public adjuster, like the team at United Public Adjusters, has the necessary knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure their clients receive a timely and equitable settlement.  Insurance companies, who deal with property claims every day, have their agenda of keeping costs low.  The professionals at United Public Adjusters have their own agenda- getting clients the fastest and most equitable settlements legally possible. Condo and co-op owners are invited to call us at 1-800-718-LOSS to take advantage of a complimentary review of their policy and claims.


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