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How Public Adjusters Can Assist with Manhattan Condo Insurance Claims

Old apartment building with fire escapes, Manhattan, New York City

One drawback when a Manhattan condo owner is faced with a property loss is managing a condo property insurance claim. Understanding the complexity of a condo insurance claim involves a skill set that few property owners have such as the understanding of co-op and condo bylaws, insurance interpretation, and construction knowledge. It behooves a Manhattan condo owner to engage a professional well versed in these areas to help with a quick, fair, and equitable insurance recovery. So often, condo insurance claims are denied, delayed, or underpaid, and relying on the expertise of a professional licensed public adjuster can help navigate the complexities of a condo property insurance claim.

The longtime experience of a proven public adjuster can make all the difference when a condo owner or association is faced with a property loss from fire, water, or wind damage. The professionals at United Public Adjusters have this exact experience having secured millions of dollars of insurance settlements for their clients. Whether it’s water damaged Upper West Side condo or a Central Park apartment that’s been effected by frozen pipe damage, the team of experts at United Public Adjusters have proven time and again their value in navigating condo insurance claims.

The network of pros at United Public Adjusters settles claims across the United States and are more than equipped to assist with any property insurance claims including condo claims due to fire damage or water damage. Condo owners are invited to call us at 1-800-718-LOSS to take advantage of a complimentary review of their policy and claim to ensure all of their rights are secured in the event of a condo insurance claim.


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