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How Public Adjusters Help East End Homeowners Maximize Their Property Damage Settlements

Homes located on the east end of Long Island

The East End of Long Island is known for its vineyards, farms, seashore, and magnificent homes in picturesque villages and towns. In the Hamptons, more so than elsewhere on Long Island, residences reflect not only pride of ownership but also place in society. Homes along the North and South Forks represent their owner’s accomplishments and achievements. These stately homes convey the owner’s stature through property and residence size, architecture, location, finishing, and furnishings. However, when a natural disaster, fire, frozen pipes, or accidental water damage occurs, the potentially sizable property and asset losses are only the beginning of the homeowners’ issues. That is because their insurer does not work in the homeowner’s best interests. Insurance companies will look for ways to minimize the scope and value of a property and/or asset loss claim. Instead, contact United Public Adjusters & Appraisers at the onset of your property damage insurance claims process. We’ll guide you in preparing your claim, and negotiate with your insurer to expedite a full claim recovery after a major disaster. Our goal: is to assist you to return to your normal lives without compromise as quickly as possible.  

Some wealthy homeowners believe that because they have their insurance coverage through a company known for issuing policies to high net worth (HNW) individuals should disaster strike, they will be ‘taken care of’. Such will not be the case. To begin, insurance companies do not differentiate the higher property values on the East End from elsewhere on Long Island. This means that they will devalue the repair or replacement cost of your residence. This could mean that your settlement offer may not cover the cost to repair or rebuild. Then there is the matter of locating quality lumber and other building supplies on the East End. Let’s also not forget the fact that even prior to the global pandemic, contractors were in short supply throughout the Island, let alone on the North and South Forks. What does this mean? The harsh reality is that today it will cost more to rebuild, as well as for the labor and professionals involved. And the timeline from claim submission to settlement could be extended beyond what you anticipated. Your insurance company may not want to acknowledge these facts, but United Public Adjusters & Appraisers as your property damage adjusters will and take action on your behalf.

What if your home was designed by an architect and furnished by a top interior designer? Will your property and homeowner’s policies cover the services of these professionals as well? And will your policy cover temporary housing should you and your family require a place to live for the duration of the rebuild? These and every important detail of your insurance claim will be considered by our team. Nor will our assistance stop with the claim submission. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers will negotiate (read ‘fight’) on your behalf with your insurer so that you will receive the highest settlement your policy allows as quickly as possible. It is a fact: settlement offers for claims prepared and submitted by public adjusters, as your property damage adjusters, are exponentially higher than claims prepared and submitted by the homeowners themselves. The turnaround time is often substantially less as well. 

In short: We get you. We understand your needs and are prepared to do whatever it takes to reduce the stress on you and your family due to property damage and asset losses. The ideal time to prepare for these contingencies is before they occur. 

Contact United Public Adjusters & Appraisers now to discuss our property damage insurance claims process. Partner with our team for greater peace of mind today!


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