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Insurance Coverage for Damage caused by Vandalism & Theft

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
Image of bulgary, theft, and riot damage

Running a business is complicated enough but when a business is destroyed due to vandalism or theft/looting the damages can be extensive and the impact on the business can have long term effects on revenue. Every day a business is closed, it is another day the business can’t bring in money, snowballing into permanent closing of the business. 

Business owners are left with figuring out what merchandise has been damaged, the financial impact of the losses incurred, how to replace the missing merchandise, cleanup of the store, and how to rebuild. In addition to an already stressful situation, business owners also have to figure out how to get funds quickly to restore operations, and submitting an already complicated insurance claim is too time-consuming. Plus, navigating through complex insurance policy language is a job all on its own.

Landlords are placed in a terrible situation as well. Although their tenants’ businesses may have been closed due to the executive order, those same businesses were ready to reopen at the appropriate phase but now that the businesses have been vandalized and looted how can they reopen? Between having to replace the merchandise, glass, lighting, ordering new signage, advertising costs, the delays cause major business interruption claims. Landlords will also be impacted as they will incur Loss of income if the tenant can’t pay rent.


Did you know that your business property insurance policy (BOP) may contain provisions to help you recoup lost revenue due to theft and vandalism?  These provisions can include coverage for:

  • Business Interruption coverage for lost business revenue 
  • Physical building or tenant improvement damage coverage
  • Damages to retail tenants’ business personal property (merchandise/inventory)
  • If the building or business is damaged, loss of income will follow if it’s a building as the retail tenant won’t pay the landlord plus the retail tenant will incur a business revenue loss.
  • Loss of Income coverage for landlords

Coverage varies from policy to policy. Don’t worry, we can guide you on what you are entitled to, submit the claim on your behalf, and manage the claim all the way through settlement. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. is currently offering Free Consultations to guide business owners on coverage. Contact us today to book your Free, No-obligation consultation.  



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