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Is Flash Flooding Covered by My Insurance?

Flash flood in a building

Flooding causes billions in damage every year, but does your insurance policy cover those damages? Typically, during and towards the end of a tropical storm, The National Weather Service will issue “Flash Flood” warnings when a sudden flood occurrence is imminent that may threaten life and/or property.

Flash floods can occur within minutes of a heavy rainfall from hurricanes, tropical storms, or slow-moving thunderstorms. Typical commercial property policies have an exclusion for flood, surface water, waves (including tidal wave and tsunami), tides, tidal water, overflow of any body of water, or spray from any of these, all whether driven by wind (including storm surge). Our team at United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. (UPA) have reviewed and interpreted many policies that include endorsements that give back the same coverage that is taken away by these exclusions. Depending on the insurance policy and the size of the building, we have seen coverage endorsements that provide flood sub-limits from $250k to $100 million.

After residential apartment buildings and commercial facilities are flooded, property owners, the Board of Managers, and property management companies turn to our firm to immediately come up with a claim management plan. Considering many buildings have their mechanicals in the basement, it’s key for building managers to raise the elevators to higher floors, as flood waters can severely damage the hoist ropes and other sensitive equipment. More importantly, flood waters contain sediment, sewage and other pollutants which can damage boilers and electrical switchgear, leaving your building with no heat, lighting, power, hot water or elevator service.

The main priority during and after a major storm is the protection of both the residents and property. The next task is dealing with the flash flood insurance claims process which includes the flood cleanup, claim reporting, managing communications with the insurance company representatives, documenting and valuing all building damages. As you can see, handling a flash flood insurance claim is a full-time job which requires a professional public adjusting firm to reduce stress and any potential loss of revenues while ensuring your insurance company provides coverage in the shortest period of time.

For even the most experienced and knowledgeable property and business owners, having a one-stop resource to partner with will save you money and get you back to pre-loss business operations.

Our trained and licensed public adjusters not only understand policy language interpretation, we understand construction repair methods and real world costs to rebuild the same, especially in post-Covid times when there are labor shortages across every industry.

Since flood damage can happen at a moment’s notice, it’s key to have all pertinent documents in a safe place, so the public adjusters can quickly advocate on your behalf. Need help with a flash flood insurance claim? Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-718-LOSS.


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