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Is Your Furnace Smoking? Let UPA Help You Cover the Damage.

Picture of damage interior home

A leaky, clogged or smoking furnace is both troublesome and frightening. When flames are rolling out or its explosion wrecks your home or building, quick action is imperative. When this disastrous situation unfolds, have no fear; United Public Adjusters is on your side.

Broken oil furnaces can release smoke and soot when the boiler backfires. This “puff back” can result in small puffs or entire furnace fires destroying the integrity of your home. Oil furnace repair requires soot and damage cleanup. Depending on the significance of the damage, you may need to replace the entire furnace – a disheartening and frustrating process.

Whether you’re replacing a furnace or dealing with extensive structural damage, your insurance company knows you’re juggling several problems. Typically, the insurance company’s adjuster wants to limit its payout, thus limiting your recovery. To get your fair share of compensation, you need an expert in your corner who understands insurance claims and recoveries. United Public Adjusters will make sure that your insurance company won’t take advantage of you. We’ll advocate for you and make sure you get top dollar for your recovery.


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