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Maximum Compensation: Suffolk County, NY Slab Leak

View of damaged floor, exposing slab leak

Not many people know what the term “slab leak” means, but it’s a property damage issue that affects hundreds of property owners every year. A slab leak is a term used to describe a leak in one of the water lines that run underneath the concrete foundation of a home. The leaks often occur due to a reaction between our drinking water and the copper pipes that run under the building foundation, and they can be very costly to have repaired if you’re paying out of pocket. Our company recently handled a claim due to slab leak damage, which is shown in the video below. After their insurance company denied them coverage for a property damage claim involving a slab leak in their home, a Long Island homeowner contacted us to help get their repairs covered. Our firm soon proved that the slab leak was covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy, and was able to get the maximum compensation for the damage that occurred. Signs that there may be a slab leak in the home or building include hearing running water when all the water is turned off, cracks in walls or flooring, mold or mildew under carpets, and high water bills. If you or someone you know has recently experienced a slab leak, please contact us at (800) 718-LOSS.


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