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Penthouse In Manhattan’s Meatpacking District Damaged By Roof Leak

Exterior view of manhattan penthouse

For two weeks the insurance company sent numerous vendors to clean a $20,000.00 upholstered sofa and $15,000.00 area rug, which was completely contaminated with black mold. The carrier also sent out a mold assessor whose report did not accurately reflect the severity of the water and mold damages. At that time, the penthouse Condo Unit Owner’s representatives decided to bring on United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. to ensure all water damages were properly documented, assessed and paid for by the insurance carrier.

Our firm was retained and our team immediately brought in our subject matter experts to detail and estimate the damages to the Sheetrock, paint, trim work, custom built-ins, cork wall coverings, glass tile walls, wood flooring, and personal property. Once our claim was submitted, a re-inspection was requested by the insurance carrier. The carrier brought out their Building Consultants “Unlicensed Adjuster Bullies” who would walk around and state “I don’t see the water damages” or “There is no way the repairs cost this much”. To combat this unethical behavior, our firm would reduce the verbal discussions to writing directly to the carrier as there was no way for a color picture with physical water damages to be disputed as not being there. To further document and support our subject matter experts, we provided copies of material purchase orders to establish the claimed pricing was correct. 

As we all know, doing construction in Manhattan is much pricier than any other Borough in New York City and the logistics of construction here are downright challenging. Everything from the permit process to building access to delivering and staging the materials requires more time and planning.

In the end, we came to a scope and price agreement with the insurance company and the Owner’s representative stated “Your firm achieved 3 Times More than what we would have received if we didn’t utilize your firm to assist in the Claims Negotiations & Adjustments.”.

If you are a Manhattan Construction Manager or Owners Representative and your client’s business or High-End Residential Unit is damaged, then please contact us at 1-800-718-LOSS (5677) to schedule a Complimentary Claim Consultation.


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