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Rebuilding Your Residence to its Former Glory

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How Public Adjusters Work with Interior Designers to Rebuild Damaged Homes

Destruction by fire and/or natural forces does not discriminate, it impacts homeowners across all financial and social status. However, there can be a big difference between replacement value property damage claims for subdivision homes and those for architect-designed residences featuring rooms and furnishings selected by interior design professionals. For any homeowner, the desire to rebuild as quickly as possible is paramount. The extent to which asset and personal property losses may be reimbursed, is not. United Public Adjusters and Appraisers, as high net worth (HNW) property claims adjusters, are highly experienced in assisting our clients to rebuild their properties to their former state expeditiously and as completely as possible. If your home is valued at a million dollars or more, this article will cover what you’ll need to know.

After their residence sustains damage, homeowners have many questions. For homes of considerable value, owners are often concerned that even with replacement cost coverage, that their insurance company might not cover the services of an interior designer to restore their premises. This may be an issue, even if an interior designer was consulted at the time the home was built or renovated prior to the catastrophic event. During restoration, engaging the services of a professional  interior designer, who focuses on and may provide the home’s furnishings and decor, is an imperative. Convincing the policyholder’s insurer of their value, however, will require skill, professionalism, a thorough knowledge of restoration service requirements and the insurance industry.

The services of interior designers are respected by HNW  property claims adjusters such as United Public Adjusters. We realize that interior designers play a pivotal role in restoring a high-end residence to its original condition and value. They assist insurance adjusters to identify what was destroyed to prepare replacement cost estimates, with architects and builders to ensure that the home is not only well rebuilt, but fully functional. Also, interior designers assist homeowners in sourcing and selecting replacement materials (tile, plumbing fixtures, flooring, furniture, window treatments, cabinetry, etc.), colors, obtaining  product samples, meet with contractors to oversee design implementation, ensure deliveries arrive when scheduled, check for breakage or missing items, handle returns/replacements, perform room elevations and ceiling plans for contractors along with specs and materials required to make repairs.

Additionally, interior designers have access to building material and furniture showrooms and are fully aware of product availability, lead times and pricing. Their trade discounts are passed to their clients for additional savings. The value of an interior designer is immeasurable, and provides services a homeowner cannot complete including preventing protracted rebuilds if inexperienced homeowners attempt these services themselves. For insurers, interior designers’ professional skill set translates into fewer months in a rental for displaced homeowners, due to fewer project delays. In short, interior designers can be key to keeping a rebuild on track. When this occurs, all parties win.

As HNW public adjusters, United Public Adjusters and Appraisers will skillfully negotiate with the insurer to provider not only full replacement cost at current market values, but also for the services of a design professional to reinstate the damaged property to its original condition – in short, to make the house a home.

If you are an individual who plans for every contingency, we invite you to contact our team to discuss your current homeowners and property coverages. Even if your residence has not sustained damage or loss, as part of our risk consulting services, United Public Adjusters will pinpoint areas that are underserved by your policies and recommend, as needed, extended replacement coverage, determine full replacement cost coverage, and will ensure that you are covered for suitable temporary living arrangements should disaster strike.

Especially if your home’s furnishings have been curated by select interior designers, you will want it restored to its original state as quickly as possible. Allow United Public Adjusters, your HNW property claims adjusters, to advocate for you through the entire restoration claim cycle. Our experience with insurance claims and the negotiation process ensure an optimal outcome as swiftly as possible. To learn more, schedule a confidential consultation.


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