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Want Some Tips When Filing a Business Interruption Insurance Claim?

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When your firm experiences property damage or losses, that event could impact its survival. How and when you file your business interruption insurance claim can be the difference between your enterprise’s future or possible bankruptcy. We do not mean to scare you, but the steps taken before any catastrophic event often foretell its outcome. Here are some tips to protect your business from lost revenue should a disaster strike.

Tip 1: Locate and Read Your Policy

Not all of us can understand insurance language. Consider partnering with a professional public insurance adjuster and have them review your policy with you. They can point out any shortcoming -such as a lack of flood insurance for coastal properties- so policy corrections/updates can be made prior to an event.

Tip 2: Take Note of Timelines When You File a Claim

Be mindful of due dates as most policies require ‘timely notice’. Should you need to file a business interruption insurance claim, contact your insurance agent to establish this timeline AND your professional adjuster for assistance in filing your claim. 

Tip 3: Compile Data to Document Loss/Calculate Income Loss

Your insurer will doubtless provide claim reporting instructions. Follow them carefully, but focus on recordkeeping. Projections as to loss of clients and sales, along with receipts for your fixed operational costs, unexpected expenses, and other expenses should be maintained as proof of your loss as well as requirements. 

The best time to prepare for a possible business interruption insurance claim is before it occurs. When that is not possible, be sure to call United Public Adjusters first. Our team will respond promptly, to observe and document all visible damages (and look for signs of potential loss). Next, we will prepare or assist you to prepare and submit your claim. United Public Adjuster’s dedication to our clients does not end there. We are dedicated to mitigating your losses to ensure that your business can rebound as rapidly as possible. Should you be less than satisfied with the insurance adjuster’s offer, we will advocate for you to ensure that you receive a fair settlement- to the full extent that your policy allows. If that sounds right to you, give us a call now to discuss your options in the event of a business interruption insurance claim. We’re here for you at 1-800-718-5677. If you’d prefer, you can submit our form.


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