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What You Need to Know About Manhattan Property Loss Claims

Water leaking on wooden floor

At some point, early in every Manhattan condo and co-op property manager’s career, they are faced with compiling and submitting an insurance claim. It may seem overwhelming because the scope of filing every claim requires damage assessment, documentation, projected repair or replacement costs, and more. This is a daunting task even for a seasoned property manager. For starters, filing condo claims in Manhattan is not a process that can be expedited. Once the claim is submitted what often becomes a long waiting period begins. As most businesses require the settlement monies before repairs/replacement can proceed, this can quickly become an issue. They may not be financially prepared for a long wait.

The process to prepare and file co-op claims in Manhattan can also be tricky and detailed. Fortunately, there are professional independent public adjusters who are highly experienced in preparing and filing condo and co-op property damage claims. In addition, they are skilled at negotiating with insurance companies to obtain a just and fair settlement for their clients. Their goal: to assist property managers to keep their businesses up and running in the face of adversity.

Challenges When Filing Condo Claims in Manhattan

Condo claims adjusters in Manhattan have seen it all: claims for property damage due to vandalism, smoke damage, natural elements, but the most common is water damage from plumbing leaks, electrical fires, and smoke. Preparation prior to submitting the claim that pays close attention to the smallest detail is key to obtaining a just settlement. Professional independent adjusters, such as United Public Adjusters, will carefully assess and record damages, then prepare estimates, and submit claims that document both visible and potential losses. Skilled negotiators, the UPA team then works to ensure that the settlement offered will represent the maximum that their client’s policy allows.

Challenges When Filing Co-op Claims in Manhattan

Due to the bylaws concerning co-ops, property managers need to proceed with caution to ensure that their property damage claims do not cross over into territory covered by co-op owners’ claims. Professional property adjusters, like United Public Adjusters, know the subtle differences, especially when filing co-op claims in Manhattan. As with condo claims, here the team will scrutinize the policy and make any necessary adjustments to avoid claim denials due to an unintentional overlap. Remember, our goal is to obtain the highest settlement possible for our clients.

In conclusion, while the best time to contact a property adjuster is before your business needs one, the team at United Public Adjusters is glad to jump in at any stage of your claim. We are experts in preparing and filing condo claims and co-op claims in Manhattan and the five boroughs. At United Public Adjusters, our experience and due diligence will ensure both a timely and optimal outcome. To learn more, consult with our experts. Call us at 800-718-5677, email us at, or fill out our form for a prompt response.


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