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Why Do Insurance Companies Give Low Insurance Settlement Offers?

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In times of disasters, insurance companies are so understaffed that they try to adjust the loss by reviewing pictures or documents the insured sends without ever sending a local adjuster. They end up sending an adjuster only after you send them enough documents to prove you have a complex and large insurance claim. You wind up having to manage the chaos of the insurance company bombarding you with letters requesting the same documents you already sent them. By that time, it’s too late as you desperately need the money to get back to normal and you wind up taking whatever the insurance company offers.

Very often adjusters are overwhelmed with countless claims, especially if they are independent adjusters who work for many insurance companies. These adjusters have large coverage territories and are always on the road or on planes seeing different claims.  This translates to the minimum bandwidth required in order to pay attention to every little detail or actual care.

The independent adjuster consults with another insurance representative who has never seen the loss and micromanages the claim from their desk (desk adjusting). The adjuster may not be familiar with local construction pricing or insurance laws, leaving your much-needed insurance funds on the table. To make matters more chaotic, independent adjusters don’t have large settlement authority and constantly need approval for every aspect of the claim. This leads to a much slower claim settlement process.

All these elements equate to a need for YOUR advocate, not only to manage the chaos but also to ensure you are compensated fairly and in the least amount of time possible! United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. understands the complexity associated with insurance recovery. We make sure to hold the insurance company accountable and create urgency to ensure your claim gets the attention needed to settle quickly, fairly and with empathy to you, the client.  Give us a call for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION claim review at 1-800-718-LOSS or email us at


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