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Why Do Water Mains Break?

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
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Two Top Causes For Water Main Breaks

Subway service disruptions, street closures, train delays. These are just a few of the potential headaches caused when a water main breaks and it’s all too common for New Yorkers; not to mention the commercial and residential building destruction that also takes place, usually in the form of water damage. So, what are some of the main causes of water main breaks and is there anything that can be done to prevent them? Find out below!

Aging Infrastructure

Did you know there are currently pipes in use throughout Manhattan that were installed way back in the 1800s? No, that is not a typo, there are still original pipes in the city’s infrastructure that were part of the Croton Aqueduct that brought water from the Catskills to New York City.

Water main piping won’t last forever and as they continue to surpass their life expectancies, we can expect major disasters to keep taking place. In a recent Upper West Side water main break, 98-year-old piping can likely be to blame. The burst caused roughly 80 customers to lose access to water in their homes and businesses in the Central Park West and West 102nd and 103rd St. areas and left water levels rising above the third rail on the A, C and D subway lines.

Temperature Fluctuations

Aside from an aging infrastructure, the environment also plays a large role when it comes to the integrity of water mains. An increase in variability in seasonal temperatures can put added stress on pipes as drastic changes from warmer to cooler temperatures causes them to expand and contract. 

While there was a time when temperatures dropped and stayed cold during the winter months, that is not so much the case these days. Unfortunately, as temperatures begin to warm up again there could be an increase in water main breaks.

Water Main Break Claims in Manhattan

While public insurance claims adjusters can’t undo the break, they can step into your shoes and take over dealing with the insurance company. If a water main breaks and causes water damage to your building or business, the insurance company may question coverage or possibly deny your claim by stating the damages were caused by a Flood or Surface Water. A public adjuster knows the difference between coverage for damage from a water main break and damage caused by a flood or surface water (melting snow or rain). Nothing gets by us. We’ll make sure you receive the maximum amount possible from your claim and we’ll take care of every step of the water cleanup and remediation process from calling in plumbers to drying companies and anything in between. When you choose to work with a public adjuster, you can rest assured knowing the entire process is in our hands and our main goal is to get your life and your business back to normal. 

Our expertise in appropriately valuing your building and its contents ensures your claim is presented in the best possible light. Contact the claims management and disaster recovery experts at United Public Adjusters today. Call (866) 405-4999.


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