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Why should Real Estate Brokers work with United Public Adjusters?

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As a real estate broker, you see all types of homes – not all in great condition. Houses or buildings often sit empty for a long time. It is not unusual for vacant buildings and homes to suffer damage from poor weather, natural disasters, or vandalism. Trying to sell property that is less than stellar is possible, but the seller will take a hit on the selling price, and you’ll lose a portion of commission as a result. That’s why hiring a public adjuster like United Public Adjusters benefits your seller and you.

Take Care of the Paperwork

You may hesitate at hiring a public adjuster because of the extra work. United Public Adjusters knows a realtor’s time is valuable and the last thing you need to manage is more paperwork. The best part about hiring UPA is that we handle all of the paperwork, documentation, and insurance carrier conversation so you can continue doing what you do best – selling properties!

Our expert team will review the insurance policy to identify areas of coverage along with inspecting the property. We take pictures of damage and create a report for the insurance carrier. Once we submit our findings, we make recommendations and negotiate a settlement, so your client receives payment quickly to repair the damages.

Add Value to Your Services

In today’s market, sellers are looking for real estate brokers that deliver value. They want to know that you are on their side and not just there to pocket at commission check. Offering a free property inspection by a licensed public adjuster like UPA will set you apart from your competitors.

Many times there is hidden damage that only a trained inspector will be able to find. Our team can complete a property inspection with a detailed report showing you what may cause problems during the selling process and if there is a possible insurance claim. The result? Your seller will be highly impressed and refer more business to you because of the value you delivered.

Sell at Full Price

The last thing you want to do is invest time into selling a property, find a potential buyer, and discover during the home inspection there are unseen issues that negate the selling price. By having a public adjuster perform an initial inspection and manage the claims process, your seller gets the financial resources they need to make repairs. That means you get to sell the property at the full price and not lose out on your commission. As an added bonus, your seller is happier with the outcome which leads to more future business.


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