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Why Turn To A Public Adjuster For Fire Damage Claims?

By August 7th, 2023No Comments

Who Can Help With Fire Destruction Claims?

“It looked like it was something out of an action movie.” This is a statement that can be used to describe what often takes place during a devastating building fire. Although owners, tenants, and business owners often exercise caution and try to always keep safety top of mind, fires can break out without much warning and completely destroy anything in their path. So, who should you turn to for help with claims related to fire damage? Find out, below:

What Happens When A Home Or Business Goes Up In Flames?

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of a devastating fire is whether or not any people or pets inside made it out safely, which is always a top priority. Then, you likely think about the loss of personal possessions or business-related items. But as is the case with lots of fires, it’s not only the immediate apartment, home, or business that is affected. 

In a massive recent fire in Bound Brook, New Jersey, a total of four buildings fell victim to the blaze. The fire ripped through two apartment buildings that were under construction at the time, along with a rooming house and an electronics store. The details? Flames so intense they registered on local weather radars, facades that were crippled, and collapsed down to the street and embers that were sent traveling across a river. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured, but this is a reminder of how catastrophic residential and commercial fires can be.

Why You Should Turn To A Public Adjuster

In the aftermath of serious fires, homeowners, renters, and business owners often turn to insurance companies for relief. This is not usually the best course of action. They recognize just how vulnerable you are and don’t always act in your best interest.

On the other hand, a public adjuster will make sure insurance companies do not deny, delay, or underpay when it comes to fire property insurance claims. We’re uniquely skilled in handling insurance claims and we’ll always advocate on your behalf. While we can’t undo the fire, we’ll certainly do everything we can to make sure you receive the maximum amount possible for your claim.

Fire Claim Public Adjusters in New York

You have enough on your plate dealing with recovering after a fire. Leave it to the experts at United Public Adjusters to handle all things insurance-related and we’ll ease some of your stress. Call us today at (866) 405-4999.


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