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Your Vacation Home is Damaged – What is Covered Under Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

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Many Americans enjoy the luxury of owning a vacation home. These second residences enhance our lives and allow for a relaxing time with friends and families in general settings. As these properties are not inhabited much of the time, they become particularly prone to insurance claim events. Weather, vandalism, frozen pipes, or theft can result in a long distance headache for homeowners. Many savvy homeowners find great relief in the handling of these claims by engaging the services of a professional public adjuster.

Public adjusters are professional services that take over the entire claims process and allow for a speedy and equitable resolution to an insurance claim. A public adjuster can navigate the state’s legal requirements that insurance carriers are beholden to, arrange for proper claim documentation including police reporting, damage estimates, personal possession itemization, and the like. A seasoned public adjuster is well equipped to secure a timely and equitable property restoration.

In the event of a property loss, insurance carriers utilize the services of an adjuster to evaluate the merit and extent of a claim. A professional public adjuster is engaged by the homeowner in the claims process and solely has their welfare in mind. It is their responsibility to advocate for the homeowner in the claims process and, through their knowledge and experience, can take the stress out of the resolution of an insurance claim. The experts at United Public Adjusters have been serving homeowners for years, helping them secure millions in insurance reimbursements. In the event of an insurable loss, particularly on a vacation property that poses added limitations of distance and convenience, you are encouraged to contact the team of professionals at United Public Adjusters and discover how their expertise can make an insurance claim less stressful and more equitable.


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