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10 Years Later: How United Public Adjusters Assisted Superstorm Sandy Homeowners

destroyed home after storm

During the Fall of 2012, anyone who lived or worked on Long Island or the Eastern seaboard remembers the devastating Hurricane Sandy. Most residents would rather forget the storm that gained strength in the Atlantic Ocean to wreak havoc and destruction in the New York TriState area. This storm made its U.S. landfall in New Jersey as a potent cyclone. It caused over $60 billion in damage, and claimed 125 lives in the U.S. Additionally, more than 7 million customers lost power. Sandy was considered the largest global disaster of 2012 and its impacts were felt for years afterward.

When the storm subsided, most residents were without power, some for weeks. That meant in addition to damage caused by the storm, food in refrigerators and freezers was also lost. Additionally, insurance companies were inundated with property insurance claims for ruined carpet and flooring, technology and media equipment, roofing, siding, garages and outbuildings,  landscaping, and even vehicles. Damages were so widespread that insurance adjusters could not keep up with the demand to inspect properties. This meant that home and business owners had to wait their turn for their damages to be assessed by their insurers. For many, there was no other option. They waited. And waited. And waited to receive a response from their insurer for an appointment with a storm damage insurance adjuster

To many, an alliance with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers was nothing short of a godsend. Unlike a storm damage insurance adjuster from their insurance company, our professionals work on behalf of our clients, throughout the entire claims process from assessment, insurance policy review, documentation, claim preparation and submission, and subsequent negotiation with the insurer. After Sandy, our teams quickly got to work assessing and documenting our clients’ damages and asset losses including food, clothing, furnishings, decor, and more. In some instances the damages were apparent, for others, our experience and professionalism enabled our clients to receive the top settlement their insurance policy allowed.

That is because after a home had been inundated by torrential rains or floodwater, signs of potential future damage from water seepage to electrical and other systems may initially escape notice. Possible mold development behind walls and in basements is also frequently overlooked. Other factors included replacement costs and the logistics of relocating families and businesses to temporary quarters while renovations and rebuilding took place. Additional considerations were the scarcity of licensed contractors and building materials in the area, the remote locations of some of the properties.

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers considers the big picture, not just what is readily visible. New Sandy-influenced FEMA regulations mandated that rebuilt waterfront homes along the hard-hit South Shore had to be 18 feet higher than inland properties. That meant extended renovation timelines and longer leases to factor in obtaining contractors, supplies, and building permits. Then as of now, our goals are to obtain the highest settlements possible as well as to return our clients’ lives to normalcy as quickly as possible. No storm damage insurance adjuster will ever offer policyholders that level of customer service.

For many families and businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the road to recovery was a long one, for some it was a journey of several years. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers interventions on behalf of our clients meant a greatly shortened timeline for the full restoration of their properties, possessions, and their lives. Today on Long Island, many changes have been brought about by the hurricane of 2012, to prepare the region for the next superstorm. Hopefully, when that day comes, there will be fewer negative impacts. Regardless, as the public storm damage insurance adjuster our clients depended upon after Sandy, our company will be present for our clients no matter what their future holds.

At United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, our total commitment to our client’s requirements as well as our scope, insight, dedication, and experience are the reasons many of our Hurricane Sandy clients have stayed with us throughout this past decade. Whenever they need our services to assist them to submit a property, asset loss, or liability claim, they know we will be there immediately to assist. 

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