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AC/Heating Unit Property Damage

Leaky AC

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner/Heater Units

Packaged terminal air conditioners/heaters (PTAC’s) are utilized in hotels, motels, senior housing facilities, hospitals, condominiums, cooperative and apartment buildings. These stand-alone units are designed to go through a wall sleeve, having vents and heat sinks both inside and outside. The units are hooked up to a building’s hot-water system. Hot water produced by the boiler flows into the PTAC and circulates heat into the apartment.  The PTAC has a separate chamber containing coolant that produces cool air.

PTAC maintenance is key in preventing air conditioner water damage property insurance claims. Because these units are hooked up to the buildings water system proper maintenance prevents clogs that can cause leaks.  Typically, these leaks go unnoticed for long periods of time, causing floors and walls to buckle and often damaging apartments containing the units as well as units below.

Fan Coil Units

Another type of air conditioner/heater is a fan coil unit (FCU), typically recognized as a Vertical Fan Coil-Unit. These units are typically found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. FCU’s use a coil and a fan to heat or cool a room without connecting to ductwork. These units utilize Indoor air that moves over the coil, which heats or cools the air before pushing it back out into the room. These units utilize chillers, where heat is removed from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. The cooled liquid passes through pipes in a building and coils in air handlers or through fan-coil units, which help dehumidify the air. 

The common element with both unit types is property damage stemming from condensation, water damage, and mold. Whether you are a property owner experiencing property damage or a Packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) / Fan Coil company servicing these units, the help of a public adjuster is key to manage the complexity of a property insurance claim stemming from these units.


United Public Adjusters is on your side. We assess the damage, prepare the claim with extensive documentation, and negotiate with the insurance company on the property owner behalf. Our knowledge and expertise, paired with our proactive nature, will bring you confidence and peace of mind. Our interest is vested in getting you the most compensation possible for your claim. Put your insurance claims in expert hands.


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